Gummy bear growth + free printable

Today we will bring back to life an old classic science experiment, yes the one with the gummy bears
Ela suppose to bring to school any type of science project this week.
We had  few ideas...
At first we tried a crystal growth which sadly and surprisingly did not work out :/
I am not giving up on this one yet, will try one day again.One day ;)
Plan B was a colour changing flowers which I thought would be the easiest thing ever...
Some how the flowers stayed white and floppy after a week.
Failure ones again, will look for different type of flowers next time ;)
We then started on sprouting some seeds, this one luckily working and still continue but we decide to leave it at home and then let it grow in our garden :) 
It would be a shame to wasted what we started and it keeps growing.
I might publish that one day if the result will remain a success. 
In this case without anything to show I had to think of a last minute project.
Who doesn't know gummy bear growing experiment?
We all done it in the past right?
If not then here we go, lets do it again!
Its a effortless, mess free activity for all ages.

To make it more fun and pretty I made some free printable too, in case your printer is bored ;)
Just click  the links below the images.                     

before & after

label & colour it

The one on top is a "before & after" submission where you can placed your dried gummy bears after the experiment.
Add the note on each square what kind of water you used.
We did:
- plain water
- vinegar water
- salt water
- baking soda water

by obviously adding ingredients listed above.

The printable below is some labels you can add to the jars/glasses where your bears will bath and four large bears for the little ones to colour or decorate any way they want ;)

First of all, you need those gummy animals!
It doesn't need to be bears, I just wanted to keep classic ;)

Fill the glasses with water...

As I mentioned before we add:

- vinegar
- salt
- baking soda

to each glass and we keep one with just a plain water.
We add our labels too.

This is surprised Ela when found that baking soda never dissolved in water :)

She then dropped the bears into glasses...

What's left is waiting :)

We gave it 24 hours as the bear in bath of vinegar water had enough big time.
So we took out all of them carefully after that time.

It was fun to compare not only sizes but the textures too!

This is the vinegar one, without one ear and extremely soft.
Think like a child, this is actually very exciting experiment :)

We also measured our bears.
We were amazed with the salt one, still the same size and very hard!

Vinegar bear clearly won the growing competition :)

The one soaking in plain water grown large too.

That's it!
This quick 24 hours experiment is easy and so much fun for kids.
We're hoping you will do it too, if you didn't yet ;)

Have fun!


  1. Fantastic fun, Magdalena. So well thought out, carried out and summarised. I love it! Made me miss my son's early years. But, even at nearly 15, he still wants to do something with his mum, so today we plan to make a t-shirt pillow, with one of his t-shirts. He'll learn some sewing machine skills. Perhaps I'll post the results!

  2. What ratio of water to other ingredients did you use?