Man's bracelets DIY

Today I would love to share a tutorial for simple handmade jewellery pieces you can make for your man, or for yourself ;)
Obviously I made jewellery in the past so metal findings are common around my flat but to be honest they're not hard to buy (on Ebay, Amazon) and doesn't cost a fortune.
Things looks even easier with the shoe laces I use for this project.
They comes in so many colours at the moment!
There is lots of different types of cords too.

Lets have a look at the all materials I use!

So what do you think, you can make this?
I guaranty its easy ;)

Look at the links to get the idea of the materials:
shoe laces
- jump rings
- lobster clasps
- braided cords 
- cord ends

Step by step here!

This can be modified the way your imagination guide you :)

I love the result and so did my hubby on his Birthday.

Here a little idea of making a gift tags by reusing a porridge box ;)

I made the lettering in Canva and printed out.

                                                                         Happy days :)

      Handmade gifts are always better,                               don't you think?
                 Straight from the heart :) 


  1. Cool! Love the bracelets!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Love it! Easy, simple with lots of love for sure :), great work! US TEXAS :D.

  3. I love to wear band. these are really beautiful, i will definitely try it.

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