Camomile tea face toner

This post if for woman who willing to change her habits and trust the nature , as I did.
I did , a year ago I choose to bin it all the factory made face skincare products .
The best move ever!
I had a face skin problems for ages...well that's what I thought :)
For the past eight years I hated my sensitive and dry face .
Always reddish , with a spots , some days even itchy and painful.
Only I know how many different creams , make up removals , tonics I tried...
I am now confident to say " It's all rubbish! "
Please have a look at this infographic of toxic ingredients in skin care products < >
That rubbish was the reason of my skin trouble ... But hey ,  it's gone :)
It's gone for good .
Now making my own mixtures of natural ingredients and my face never been better!

I am happy to share some of them with you to try, if they work a miracle for me they might work for you too :)

The first and essential would be my ultimate Camomile tea face toner .
With a bought ingredients it's taking about 10 minutes to make , with no fuss :)

To make one you will need :
Camomile tea
Frankincense pure essential oil
Rose Geranium essential oil
Lavender essential oil
250 ml plastic bottle

Yes, I use ordinary Tesco Camomile tea bags :)

The essential oils are from FRESHSKIN.
10 ml bottles , after a year I used not even 1/4 of the amount :)

Step 1.

Make a camomile tea :)
Cover and leave to infuse for 5-7 minutes...Or even leave it till cold if not in rush , I did forget my tea many times . Stronger is better ;)

Step 2.

Add essential oils.
For my 250 ml bottle I use 3 drops of each oil.
Shake it ;)

That's it!
If you did follow this recipe then you just created the absolutely amazing , natural and inexpensive homemade product with anti ageing properties and lovely smell :)

Without fancy packaging and labels nature works best!

I use my toner whenever I feel of need to refresh my face, that would be morning , midday and evening.

To remove my eye make up I use mixture of three oils -virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil.
So much better than ready removals, trust me.

To moisture my face I use pure coconut oil and argan oil - great for the wrinkles ;)

To finish this post with the complete honesty I give you my face , photographed this morning with absolute no make up , without any digital retouches . Happy 34 years old face :)

Remember " If you can't eat it , don't put it on your skin"
Go green , it's easier then you think!


  1. hi i have a question, usually if we use oil to remove the makeup then when we rinse it off there will be a slight film on the skin so what do u use to remove that?

    1. Hi:)
      To be honest I don't know how to answer this as I'm never rinsing off oils I'm using for removing make up.
      It's all natural so I'm leaving my face moist for a night or just wiping it with my camomile toner to refresh it.
      What oils do you use as a removal?
      With time I noticed my face doesn't need water at all to stay clean :)

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