Vinyl record as a Mouse pad

This week we decided to install my vintage turntable record player which we collected from my home in Poland after fixing it .

The sound of it does not compare to the quality of a CD player but gosh , what a priceless sentimental moment that is :) Along with a collection of vinyl record it truly brings memories from my childhood ...
But anyway ;)
Looking through those records and smiling to myself I have found many positions I love or respect , like Jimi Hendrix , the Beatles , Procol Harum , Louis Armstrong , Eddie Grant , Hair musical ... and many Polish artist , Czeslaw Niemen , DAAB , Republika , Tadeusz Nalepa .
Good days :)
I also found some I wasn't so keen about and did not found it useful to keep in my collection , like ...

Five records of Czech singer Karel Gott my parents seems to loved
( look at the date!) and two records of "We speak German"...with all the respect for this language I am not that interested ;)
They found their place in recycling box when one day I get the idea of

Reusing it .

We needed some mouse pads for a long time and finely got something we really like :)

Stylish and totally effortless :)

We found it mouse working best on the paper circle of the record but it seems to be enough for the little guy ;)

If you not owning any vinyl records but like the idea of having one for any of your ideas then why not to check your local charity shop for some £1 unloved finds!

I hope to inspire you to reusing your everyday object instead of throwing away and try to find a new purpose ;)

Have a great weekend!