Hello after the long brake since our last post!
December it's nearly here and children are hoping for snow.
We rarely getting it here in London, but we still celebrating Christmas ;)
With no family in England we celebrating with friends having a warm and fun time together.
This year we're planning some ice skating, movies, great food and lots of play and talks by fireplace, all with our noisy lovely kids :)

We all do it in a different way, are we?

In our home we're having secular Christmas, therefore I called today's craft Christmas calendar well known as Advent calendar .
I did it last year and Ela was very excited to participate in activities I organized for her.
This time is no different only design has changed, we're having fun again.
Each 25 days of December (1-25) will reveal an activity note, small toy, craft supply or a sweet treat.

My calendar is just an inspiration for you, make it your way if you like :)
But to make it easier for you I prepare some
numbers and notes printable!

To print click here

                                              and here

There is 25 numbers for each day and 20 activity notes with 5 blank cards for you to add your own notes.
Simply print them and cut out :)

Now let me show you how I did it my way!

My materials, where cat choose to mess about of course :)
I wanted to wrap each item like a present so I gather many last year wrapping papers.

I then cut a triangle from a A2 size foam board ( available here).Any large thick cardboard would work too.
Triangle suppose to be a Christmas tree at the beginning but I changed my mind and use other parts of the board to make a snowy mountains :)
I use black and white acrylic paint.

 I glued them together...
and glued mini wooden pegs with hot glue gun too.
After Christmas this can be a nice note board I think ;)

I painted pegs black from the outside.

                            My gifts selection 2015 -

gifts selection 2016 -

 Prices vary from 25p(charity shop) and highest of 2£(Tiger shop).Not a big deal but still fun, I added some lolly pops on the way too ;)
Big books will be hidden around the house with a ticket clues on the calendar.

Each little gift were wrapped with the note so it's not only treats but also activities to keep us busy :)

Remember to look into your regular calendar to match activities with the right days so you're well prepared.
Write down all 25 days in your notebook, trust me on this one ;)

I love gift wrapping so at this point the fun just began for me :)
The nut shells have a dash of hot glue to keep it together.
Toilet paper roll is a great easy way of packing too!

 I also use Ela's animal stamps to decorate the ordinary paper.

It's good to mixed up all the numbers so kids can practice the right order and be challenged ;)

Sorry Ela, you need to wait only few more days :)

I hope you get inspired so print out your freebies and make one too!
We will be using our calendar next year too :)