Ice cream Birthday card + FREE printable

To continue the Ice Cream theme after I made my gift wrap

 I am sharing a Birthday card idea with you today :)

I prepared a little tutorial here completed with FREE PRINTABLE background cards ready to be printed and folded in half.

Have a look at the materials I use

A glue gun its also needed for sticking pompoms on ;)

If you lucky to have a access to printer then choose one of four designs and click on the link below the image!
If not than just use a card stock and add some hand writing.



Step 1.

Make 3 little pompoms using yarn.

Step 2.

Make an ice cream cone using piece of thick cardboard and felt tip pen.
Then cut out a triangle to fit your card.

Step 3. (optional)

To make cone looks extra special stick some washi tape on ;)

Step 4.

Glue a cone and pompoms onto card.
For the cone I use only a double sided padded tape but for the pompoms I also use some hot glue as the pompoms did not stayed for long with a tape only.

Step 5. (optional)

Decorate the pompoms!
This is a fun bit where you can use anything you want to make the card sparkle :)
Here I use some glitter...

here I made some sprinkles using a nail polish in bright colours.


           There you have it, nice, simple and perfect for
the Summer!


  1. Wow! Good! Simple to make but very nice!!!

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