Teacher melted crayons card + FREE printable wrap

The Summer holidays in UK start in a week only so this is the time Ela and I are busy with making "Thank You" cards for teachers and wrapping little gifts to say we appreciate them for work they do.
Today I'm sharing a simple card you can make with your children and FREE printable patterns to be use as a gift wrap to add a finishing touch ;)

First of all, lets see what we use for making our cards!

Now, did you see our melted crayon hearts here before?
We absolutely love making them, great for many occasions! 

The most important, you need a
silicon baking tray!

We have a heart shape one but I'm sure muffin tray with a rounded bottoms would do the trick as a teacher's apple too ;)
Here's how we did it again :)
To make the shapes choose crayons in the shades of an apple, we use :
- greens
- reds
- orange
- yellow

Peel them next!
Daddy gave a peeling tip using safety knife.
Yes, Ela was able to do it without hurting herself in any way.
6 years old's can do it, don't underestimate them ;)
She peeled all the crayons, hurray I didn't have to do it this time :P  

Sunday morning in pyjamas :)
Brake the crayons to little pieces!

Fill up the tray.
Ela gets so into it again I had to stop her as the shapes would be too thick after melting ;)

Now melt the crayons in the oven.
For amount I had 10 minutes in 220 degrees was enough, but ovens might vary so have a look at your melting process.

They turn out beautifully again !

You can see here how the thickness vary depends on how much crayons we use. 

You're now ready to create appreciation cards!

After that she write THANK YOU on each card,
then I made a start on fitting the shapes...

They're gorgeous, don't you think?

We use patterned wraps too!

You can print them by clicking the links below the images.


You can use them for chocolate bars ...

or anything else.
We are giving boxes of yummy ginger bread hearts ;)

Have a look at our last year apple card idea here - even easier ;)


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