So the Autumn is obviously here.
The nature colour palette is changing, even the air smells different.We enjoy Autumn, when is not raining ;)
I love to ride my bicycle on crispy dry leaves...

This is the time we going for a nature walk more often, watching squirrels looking for food and collecting conkers.
I planned to make that time more exciting by making Autumn Hunt Checklist.

We would try to find objects from the list, collect it, take home and make something of it.
So we did.

I also handed Ela a small camera for an extra enjoyment ;) She always see me taking photos so why not to share the love.
I have this simple Checklist for you too!

Click here to print.
We had to spread the activity in 2 days, on the first day we explored the park and photographed the nature.
A small selection of Ela's photos, yes even selfie :)

So far so good :)

I have to show this to you, an awesome bicycle harness from Triglav.
Something for brave little cyclists and explorers :)
We love it!

Ela enjoyed ticking the boxes.We collect bigger quantity of each object from the list ;)

The next day we gather all we have found, sat by the table and crafted few things using hot glue...
Some wood fairies...
We use an awesome metallic markers for the patterns on the skirt.
We then hang them in the kitchen window.

A ladybird made of a round rock by me...

and some patterns  on a flat rock using metallic markers by Ela.

And little creatures which Ela glued herself using glue gun for the first time :)

So print out your nature Checklist and go out to explore the beauty of the Fall season!

***Post update:
after 6 months of every-night talks and sleeping under Ela's pillow we can now honestly confirm they are totally safe and taking big part of worries aw
ay :)

Last week Ela and I went to Library to get some new books to take home.
There was one we really liked and inspired me to a new project.
Worry dolls...

I hear about the dolls long time ago.
If you didn't then read some more about it here Worry dolls ;)
Then I found out the inspiration of "Silly Billy" book is nothing new in the on-line crafting world :)
I desperately wanted to make some worry dolls for Ela but in this case I needed to came up with something new.
I have seen dolls made of clothes pins, pegs, chopsticks, toilet paper tubes, toothpicks...
I looked around and 

Old used alkaline batteries will now find a better use :)

Lets have a look how it goes then!

Colourful materials were waiting for Ela when came back from school :)

Measuring and cutting felt pieces to cover the batteries.

I choose few colours to imitate different shades of the human skin. 

The hands were made of straighten paper clips.I guess working with wire would be easier but I just didn't have any.

All the parts ready to be glued with hot glue gun.
This step leave it for yourself, is a bit fiddly...but very rewarding after when is done ;)

Then trimming of the felt, wires and toothpicks so they're not too sharp.

Ready for the fun bit - dressing up!

This little lady is a prototype so she observed the whole transformation of the others ;) 

Ela was choosing materials and matching the colours,drawing faces and shoes, working with thread.
I helped her by using a hot glue to attached the fabrics, thread, beads etc.

I asked why so sad, "She worries a lot mommy"...Of course :)
Happy with the first results, lets keep going.

                        Now this is the bunch we created!

We needed some kind of home to keep them safe by the Ela's bed.
At first I attempt to use one of the oversized match boxes but the dolls didn't fit as the amount of clothing and hair make them larger :)
So we used a coffee jar again, and decorated.

They were ready to go into the jar.

Now lets see if that's working and Ela stop worrying, having nightmares and brings us a peaceful nights :)

                                                             Don't worry
                                               be happy!

This craft idea is not suitable for children under 5.
Small children could bite the batteries.
Alkaline batteries are safer then non-alkaline however r
ead the information here if you worry about toxicity.

You can also use some wine/champagne corks instead in exact same way we did it with the batteries ;)
Here is another project of mine from the last year I would love to share it with You, I can call it the biggest :)
Using cardboard boxes and anything else hidden around our house I manage to create one of a kind toy for my little girl, a dolls house

A house have many movable furniture and pieces to play with, most of them handmade too.Please take this photographic tour and get inspired to make something out of nothing by putting the heart into it :)

This is just 1/4 of materials used for the house :)

Some artificial grass, tiles, carpet and wallpaper samples ordered on line.And many many more bits :)

The first construction..

Then I added some floors and we decided to make one more room on top.
All floors are made of foam board.

That's the idea.I covered some floors with printed patterns, glued on some wallpapers, tiles and shelves made of old
Jenga wooden blocks.
Some edges of the house are finished with drinking straws so it's last longer.

The finished product without furniture and accessories,

I added some exterior walls for extra support and roof.Roof created one more room, a little loft :)

Now lets have a look at the details...


A floor mat it's a coaster.

Bedroom 1.

Transparent armchair is made of plastic pint beaker and Play doh cup lid.We love Moomins ;)

Kitchen & dining with a big print of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles :)

Meanwhile I've been making some furniture...

Kitchen unit is made of long box covered with self adhesive tape, worktops with plywood sample.

Bedroom 2.

Living room.

For coffee table I used brown tape tube and candle plate.Sofa is made of Jenga blocks again and foam board covered with felt.Laptop is an eye shadow case.


Fence is made of many ice cream sticks, stones and grass samples for allotment.Plants hand crafted using tea light clay holders and real dried lavender :)I also added sun loungers made of cardboard and dotted felt.And even hammock using onion bag!

Window flower box with flowers made of strings.

For the light in the house I used some battery operated tea lights.

Making it was a huge enjoyment and great upcycling experience.

From this moment every small object of every day life looks like a potential miniature to me :)
Ela's imagination grew too as she watched every stage of this project.