This year I've been extra busy duo to many positive changes in our life, so for this Halloween I will post the idea from the last year.
Kids loved it so I hope you will too :)

Here I have an easy, fun idea for a carved pumpkins that kids can transform into colourful happy 
                              Mexican Sugar Skulls!

Materials we use:

- medium size pumpkins
- white acrylic paint + paint brush
- all sort of craft embellishments
- stickers
- faux flowers
- sewing pins 
- drawing pins
- Sharpie pens or permanent marker 
- pencil
- glue


Step 1
Carve your pumpkins first then paint them white and leave it to dry.

Already cute.
You might want to leave them like this for yourself for a quick modern Halloween decor ;)
...or give it to children to decorate.

Step 2

If you give them away then let kiddos have fun!

Some of them decorate the outline of the eyes first using self-adhesive gems...

then draw the mouths using pencil, then redo with a black marker.

Step 3

Now another fun part of decorating using embellishments, stickers, markers and even gold drawing pins.

Step 4

Its time to decorate with faux flowers!I dismantled some of the flowers so the petals can be mixed up ;)

We use sewing pins to attach.


        That's it, all ready for Halloween!

You might have noticed they've been crafting on Halloween themed paper ;)I use large format paper and drew some skulls and bones so they can do some colouring too!

And oh my, they did :D

We then light up our pumpkins and enjoyed their colourful faces :)