So we're just a week before the Christmas.
Due to some serious technical issues I couldn't share all my seasonal ideas with you this year ;(
Therefor in today's post (via husband's laptop) I share free printable for those who can and like to print stuff.
I drawn some simple graphics a while ago and luckily managed to save it on my blog's draft folder ;)

There's Christmas gift tags, wrapping paper sheets perfect for the small objects...

...or be use as a origami paper too ;)

Two posters which can be framed for the season :)

Click on the link below images to print.


                                 print 2
You can even cut out the quote tag and hang it somewhere ;)


wrap 1
wrap 2
wrap 3
wrap 4

I also added a Christmas TO DO list if you would like to organize yourself on paper ;) 
*Set "fit to page" when printing this one.

TO DO list

Wishing everyone a wonderful family time this Christmas!

It's definitely time to make some Christmas cards!
Being in love with a Scandinavian design for a while now I wanted our this year cards be just that.
Minimal,but heart warming.
I included printable lettering for you here below, in case you prefer it more then your own writing ;)

Just click on the link, print and cut out for your cards.
*Remember to apply "fit to page" when printing ;)



I choose brown square cards from Poundland.
Some I kept it square...

and some I cut in half.

The idea for the woodland card came from an old cookie cutters I had it for years.

I followed the shapes using fine tip pen.

Then painted in white.

When the paint dried I drawn a new outline and hare's eye with a thicker tip pen.

I cut out desired fragments of the shapes - toadstool hat, hare's ear and tail.

Then glued them onto cards.

Using cotton stick we make dots on toadstool hat.

Next was little details using fine pen...

and forest foliage.

I also added red fruits so it looks more Christmassy...

and silver and gold touches on leaves using metallic pens.

When cut out lettering from the printable I decided to add burn effect to the edges of the paper.

And glued them on.

Next finished them with a little framing.

Ta da!

I'm very pleased with this cute simple cards :)

They also easy enough for your kiddos to join in ;)

Here's step by step in one for you, to make life easier ;)


In today's post I am sharing few bits for you to print out!
You might find them useful if throwing a Halloween party or just simply decorate your home for this celebration ;) 

There is HAPPY HALLOWEEN bunting, large and small toppers which can be use for cupcakes, drinking straws or gift tags, witch's boots, sugar skulls and posters.
Just click on the links below images for printing.
Please bare in mind the colours my vary depending on printer.


bunting 1

bunting 2

bunting 3

sugar skulls




print 2
witch's boots

Witch's boots can be cut out and stick onto straws for a quick cake decoration or be a simple gift wrap.
You can decorate them too.

If you would like to make paper pumpkins like this one than check my full tutorial here ;)

                      Happy printing!