This month we had the pleasure to celebrate our daughter's Ela 6th Birthday!
As this is a once a year occasion I wanted a put my heart into her Birthday party, handmade card and gifts wrapping.
I am not a fan of themed parties so wanted something sweet and child friendly but stylish and relaxed.
Had an Ice Cream detail on my mind for a while and I choose it as a guide for Ela's Birthday :)
Nothing over the top really, just a little cute touch.

I though to share some of my ideas with you,
today one of them will be hand painted gift wrap.
This can easily be accompanied by kids, but it's suppose to be a surprise in our case so I did it myself ;)
This project was nicely completed by my Ice Cream Birthday card, have a look here to get the inspiration and FREE printable ;)

For this project I made simple stamps using:
- thick cardboard
- foam sheets

I cut out the bits and planned the shapes first...

then glue it to a cardboard.

with a strong glue.

The same with an ice cream, only easier.

I cut out the sprinkle too, but to be completely honest it didn't work great with the paint so its better to just leave it plain ;)

For the actual wrap I use old plain cream wallpaper and some A3 white paper.

I mixed some brown and lovely pastel shades of acrylic paint...
Yummy :)

As you see here cutting out sprinkles wasn't really worth it, but that's a part of learning process ;)

Meanwhile I made a little triangle shape stamp for another tiny pattern.

The results! :)

I decide to add some little finishing touches using felt tip pens...

The end result looking like this!

I'm very happy with it.

Ela was surprised too, every gift was wrapped in different pattern :)

I also add some tissue paper, pompoms and washi tape.

After all gifts were  unwrapped I reuse the gift wrap to make an origami paper boxes for Ela's Birthday party ;)

If you like the idea of making your own hand painted gift wrap then check my Mickey Mouse wrap for another inspiration ;)

Today I would love to share a tutorial for simple handmade jewellery pieces you can make for your man, or for yourself ;)
Obviously I made jewellery in the past so metal findings are common around my flat but to be honest they're not hard to buy (on Ebay, Amazon) and doesn't cost a fortune.
Things looks even easier with the shoe laces I use for this project.
They comes in so many colours at the moment!
There is lots of different types of cords too.

Lets have a look at the all materials I use!

So what do you think, you can make this?
I guaranty its easy ;)

Look at the links to get the idea of the materials:
shoe laces
- jump rings
- lobster clasps
- braided cords 
- cord ends

Step by step here!

This can be modified the way your imagination guide you :)

I love the result and so did my hubby on his Birthday.

Here a little idea of making a gift tags by reusing a porridge box ;)

I made the lettering in Canva and printed out.

                                                                         Happy days :)

      Handmade gifts are always better,                               don't you think?
                 Straight from the heart :)