Just before December whatever shop I go to a new home decor trend of this year have caught my eye.
Decorative festive trees.
Small, made of wire, covered with tape or yarn, sometimes with the lights on too.
Very cute, but the price..
I have one simple rule, if I can't afford it I will observe how it was made and make it myself.
So I did :)

This is how ...

Tip for battery operated lights, spend a bit more then £1.50.
Mine takes energy unbelievable quick so I need to use rechargeable batteries only :/
Are they not should be LED long lasting lights?
A bit confusing.Or maybe just a bad luck of the faulty product...

The perfect pebbles would be white but I used what we had at home.

First I done four holes in a tube to put through wires.
I shaped it so it looks like a tree.

Then I wrapped lights around few branches and started on string wrapping next...

...so it cover wire completely. 

When done with the whole tree I glued the base to a pot base with a generous amount of hot glue using glue gun.
Then covered with the stones but leaving a battery box on top.

Looking nice with the light off too.

Looking good anywhere...

And small enough to move around :)

I spend about £7 to have my very own little tree :)

Today something easy yet stylish for your home, Christmas tree or as a decorative gift for a friend.
Cheap materials and little effort ;)

Lets have a look at materials:

Some I already had at home, like those polystyrene eggs from last Easter ;)

Step 1.
Paint an egg black on the bigger half and leave it to dry.

While the egg is drying I paint twigs black too.

Step 2.
Start pinning.
There should be a line in a middle of an egg, follow that line around with your pins.

Remember to overlap them.

Another line....

And one more...

Almost there.

If you planning to hang it later then use glue gun for the last pins, they need to be stronger.

Step 3.

Wrap the string around the little twig and stick it to the top of a acorn using hot glue gun.

That's it :)

I painted a large twig too so I can use my acorns on shelves too.

One of the pictures is upside down, just noticed upps :D

Gold version is looking very glam to :)

They can be use on a festive table.

I made some balls too.

They will add some sparkle ;)
Created the same way as acorns only easier.

Acorns make a nice handmade gift.

                                     Keep it FESTIVE!

For the past year I've been strongly inspired by the Scandinavian interior design.
We are refurbishing our new home, clean natural and minimalistic 
 Scandi design become the perfect choice.
With what we already own I'm trying my best to get that feel.

This Christmas I choose warm, soft decoration element I could easily do myself in a short time.
I absolutely fallen in love with them, they're very versatile, easy to make and they looks so cosy :)

I will not deliver another pompom making tutorial as there is million of them around internet.
The easiest technique I found is to use two/three fingers for the small size and whole hand for the big one.

Here's my way...

or see the picture tutorial here, but there is also many more on YouTube too if you prefer videos.

Just giving you an idea how to use them to bring instant cosyness.

You can do pompom garland

to hold Christmas cards

or children artwork :)

You can use them as a simple Christmas tree ornaments

Door decoration is another idea

Or just add them to your Christmas wrapping as a pretty centrepiece :)

I think the're totally cute, I will be producing some more for sure :)