Snowy Christmas cards

Every year I am making Christmas cards for my friends and family.
Yes, I'm one of those crazy crafters who prefer to spend few days gluing and cutting just to get the one and only piece of art to be send or given to people...instead of buying a nice pack of cards for £2 and have some time for myself. Hmm :)
This year I'm going further and doing 29 more cards for Ela's classmates too, with a one hack...They are very easy to make :)
Ela was involved too this time!
Easy, minimalist, quick but still cute.
She managed to make about 10 in row, which believe me is still a lot :)

So, if you feel like making cards with your child this time then that's for you :)
Just do few, there is no need to be me :D

Have a look how is done!


I would keep it very simple but wanted to make my child happy so decided she can add some shiny sequins too ;)
That's how easy it is!

For the stamps we use gel pen, marker pen seems to dry out to quickly.Obviously stamps works best with the ink pad but colours we have is red, green, orange and blue,it did not satisfied me.Wanted only black.

    here you can purchase a stamps we use at home.

For Ela's classmates we made a smaller version by cutting regular size card in half.

This way we could produce 46 handmade cards :)

Uff, now we only need to write some greetings too :D

If you desire to create something more fancy with the use of snow then maybe try some easy snow globe cards?

I stick on little cellophane bags on one side of the cards, filled with confetti snow and sequins.
The graphic is on the second side of the card.

 I fall in love with the animal stamps, this gets me back to my passion for graphic design in the past...

Those ones I might keep it for myself ;P


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