Tree branch chandelier

About three months ago we started refurbishing our new home.
Home we've been waiting for two years due to some problems is finally ours.
This flat need a serious work from the bottom to the top.
First in the queue is the living room , closed and unused for all that time is finally getting a deserved makeover :)
Don't worry there will be a time to show you this process, only not yet ;)

You get to know me a bit now and notice we love upcycling.

Beside we love trees and respect nature too , so in this post I would like to briefly show you an example of transforming a fallen tree branch into a stylish chandelier.
We wanted a statement ceiling light but also be able to make it ourself instead of spending a fortune.

So we found a fallen branch in the woods first...

Well, they found it and send me a photo for approval :D
Sorry for the bad quality of this one ;)

Cleaned the branch up by removing bark.

                                          Then sanded.

Next treated with this so the woodworm doesn't eat our furniture ;)
The branch we used was well dry and accidentally we loved its natural appearance after removing bark. For that reason we only treated it with woodworm killer. You can however put on one or two coats of clear varnish (this in general makes the wood darker) or, if you decide to leave the bark on, paint it with the colour that suits you.

Ela's attempt on taking photo of me...

Meanwhile we received ordered parts. Here beautifully packaged...

       3 bulb holders , we choose vintage porcelain  look from dowsingandreynolds :)

                            3 metres of fabric lighting cable  from vendimialighting and

     3 vintage style LED bulbs.

Hanging a branch.
We used screw in hooks and strong fishing line.

Then was wiring time...

 Preparing fabric cables to be fixed into a bulb holders on one end and the ceiling rose on another.

   Like this :)


                         Then twined the cables around a twigs.

We only needed to add bulbs ... uff :)

Our piece of tree is now a lamp :)

A total cost of  our chandelier is £50 , for us completely worth it as we now looking at the stunning one of a kind centre piece and part of the nature above our heads.
Happy days :)


  1. Love love love it !!!!! I wish I was so imaginative

  2. Thank you very much!
    I believe everyone is imaginative, we just need to be inspired by others :)I collect inspirations every day, by searching internet, observing nature and by spending time with my child.
    So glad you liked it, all the best!

  3. Thank you for what you are doing and for share it ...

    1. I thank you for being interested of what I do :)

  4. nie mogę się napatrzeć! juą wiem, jakich gałęzi mam teraz szukać ;)

    1. Dziekuje za komentarz Maja :)
      Mama nadzieje, ze tutorial sie przyda.Powodzenia! x

  5. This is awesome what a beautiful idea !

  6. Swooning over this!! It looks incredible, pinned it!

    Penn&Quill || Robin

    1. Hi Robin, I'm very happy you like it :)
      Thank you so much for the support, all the best!

  7. Andy,thank you for taking time to visiting my blog :)
    All the best!

  8. Awsome will get one for my home