Upcycled Dolls house

Here is another project of mine from the last year I would love to share it with You, I can call it the biggest :)
Using cardboard boxes and anything else hidden around our house I manage to create one of a kind toy for my little girl, a dolls house

A house have many movable furniture and pieces to play with, most of them handmade too.Please take this photographic tour and get inspired to make something out of nothing by putting the heart into it :)

This is just 1/4 of materials used for the house :)

Some artificial grass, tiles, carpet and wallpaper samples ordered on line.And many many more bits :)

The first construction..

Then I added some floors and we decided to make one more room on top.
All floors are made of foam board.

That's the idea.I covered some floors with printed patterns, glued on some wallpapers, tiles and shelves made of old
Jenga wooden blocks.
Some edges of the house are finished with drinking straws so it's last longer.

The finished product without furniture and accessories,

I added some exterior walls for extra support and roof.Roof created one more room, a little loft :)

Now lets have a look at the details...


A floor mat it's a coaster.

Bedroom 1.

Transparent armchair is made of plastic pint beaker and Play doh cup lid.We love Moomins ;)

Kitchen & dining with a big print of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles :)

Meanwhile I've been making some furniture...

Kitchen unit is made of long box covered with self adhesive tape, worktops with plywood sample.

Bedroom 2.

Living room.

For coffee table I used brown tape tube and candle plate.Sofa is made of Jenga blocks again and foam board covered with felt.Laptop is an eye shadow case.


Fence is made of many ice cream sticks, stones and grass samples for allotment.Plants hand crafted using tea light clay holders and real dried lavender :)I also added sun loungers made of cardboard and dotted felt.And even hammock using onion bag!

Window flower box with flowers made of strings.

For the light in the house I used some battery operated tea lights.

Making it was a huge enjoyment and great upcycling experience.

From this moment every small object of every day life looks like a potential miniature to me :)
Ela's imagination grew too as she watched every stage of this project.


  1. My absolutely fav project of yours. Truly inspiring!

  2. Gorgeous, best dolls ho7se ever.
    Details are breath taking
    Great job

  3. Amazing.. This is a really good idea! :D I would make one for my daughter as well. :D

    1. Hi Ingrid, thanks for taking time to commented I really appreciate it :)
      I do hope you will make your own project, please do send some photos too!
      If you do make sure your daughter is watching your work, look around the house together to find the right materials.
      She will appreciate this more and value small things for the future :)
      Good luck! x

  4. Absolutely Fantastic!!!!! I am going to pass your link to my kids' nursery as some of your super simple ideas are just genius!!! Love it!!!!

  5. THis is wonderful. Wish I had a granddaughter to make it for. Maybe I'll make one for MYSELF! Haven't been this inspired in years.

    1. Hi Alice!
      Why not to make one just for fun.Believe me the miniature world can be so addictive.
      There is many adults buying and making dolls house stuff just as a hobby :)
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment, all the best :*

  6. Brilliant use of found objects!

  7. I loved the way you decorated the doll house. I am planning to make 1 for my Son. Thanks for help.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did :)
      Kindest regards!

  8. I love this dollhouse! I build and refurbish old dollhouses, and make all the furniture and decorations. It makes you look at everything differently! All the best to you and your family! Marte

  9. All of these items are so nice. I am also want a collection these of things in my room.

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