Autumn hunt checklist + free printable

So the Autumn is obviously here.
The nature colour palette is changing, even the air smells different.We enjoy Autumn, when is not raining ;)
I love to ride my bicycle on crispy dry leaves...

This is the time we going for a nature walk more often, watching squirrels looking for food and collecting conkers.
I planned to make that time more exciting by making Autumn Hunt Checklist.

We would try to find objects from the list, collect it, take home and make something of it.
So we did.

I also handed Ela a small camera for an extra enjoyment ;) She always see me taking photos so why not to share the love.
I have this simple Checklist for you too!

Click here to print.
We had to spread the activity in 2 days, on the first day we explored the park and photographed the nature.
A small selection of Ela's photos, yes even selfie :)

So far so good :)

I have to show this to you, an awesome bicycle harness from Triglav.
Something for brave little cyclists and explorers :)
We love it!

Ela enjoyed ticking the boxes.We collect bigger quantity of each object from the list ;)

The next day we gather all we have found, sat by the table and crafted few things using hot glue...
Some wood fairies...
We use an awesome metallic markers for the patterns on the skirt.
We then hang them in the kitchen window.

A ladybird made of a round rock by me...

and some patterns  on a flat rock using metallic markers by Ela.

And little creatures which Ela glued herself using glue gun for the first time :)

So print out your nature Checklist and go out to explore the beauty of the Fall season!

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