Made up animals

The cold days in London has come and we are now stuck at home more than ever :/
I wish it could snow, kids would be happier and get tired quicker :P
Last weekend I sat with Ela to an easy and effortless craft we both enjoyed very much.
I had in mind something very manual she could almost fully made by herself, maybe with a little help from my ultimate glue gun.
Something made of simple, popular and fuss-free materials like :
- wooden clothespins
- toilet paper tubes
- cardboard
- egg cartons
- felt tip pens
- kids craft supplies(pipe cleaners, feathers etc.)

We begin with choosing a first body for Ela's animal.
Toilet roll is the easiest to work with.
Simply cut it to open ...

Then draw some fun patterns on it.

We than attached a head using hot glue and tail by making a hole in toilet roll with a bamboo stick to thread a pipe cleaner.

And the whole rest of it :)

Ela really gets into the patterns :)

I did too.

Next we wanted to make bodies using egg cartons...

Then ended on large piece of thick cardboard and many drawing pins :)

So this is our made up animals :)

A whole bunch of it :)

Possibilities are endless, kids can even have some fun by swapping heads and legs too ;)

Get your kids to use their imagination and join in!