Felt leaves Autumn wreath + FREE printable

Hello in October!
In today's post I will show how I did my Autumn wreath using felt and a round picture frame.
I absolutely love working with felt, it's very versatile and comes in every colour you can imagine :)
For this project I also use Poundland frame, cheap and cheerful ;)
Wreath I made can be use in many ways too.

Lets have a look at the process of making!

First of all - frames and felt.

I made some simple quotes in Canva which I printed out.
You can use your own or print those out, just click on the links below images ;)

hello Autumn
 I then cut a simple leaf shapes out of felt.

Next was inserting a quote into frame.

To make it more appealing I add simple lateral veins...

The next step was creating a stalks to add some dimension to my leaves using hot glue. 

After that I could get on with gluing leaves onto frame...

The idea was to cover that plastic frame...

...so I glued the leaves on outside, inside and top edge of the frame.

Meanwhile I notice I need to make more leaves :)

There you have it!

Yes, I change a quote in last minute :)

The glass part and image can be even removed...


and transform into table centre piece.

Colourful hanging decoration at the back is very easy to make too!
Have a look at instructions here ;)

Why not to  simply hang it on the wall.

                                      Lets celebrate the season!


  1. It's a great idea !

  2. Hi Magdalena! I love your autumn wreath and I would try to make one me too. I never used felt, I would buy but I see there are different thickness, could you please advise me about this? please... :) Have a great day!!!