Pompom Fall decoration

We are officially in Autumn season, my favourite one.
Yes,it might rain more here in England but to me is still beautiful and spoiled with warm colours.

These colours I wanted to bring into our home, in today's post the living room.
The branch full of vibrant pompoms  I made it's something I believe everyone can do.

To make this happen you will need:
1.fallen tree branch
3.self-adhesive hooks
4.strong fishing line

I firstly have gone out to found a fallen branch.

I then removed all dry leaves and little twigs.

Next I decided to painted in colour of my wall as I wanted the branch to look "invisible" ;)
I had some wall paint leftovers.

While the painted black branch was drying I picked the yarn for the pompoms.
Believe it or not I'm collecting yarn only for pompom making and other crafts...I can't knit...just yet ;)

These are the fall colours I choose.
Ela said "Blue in not an Autumn colour."
I wanted to mess the harmony up a little, beside I love that yarn with a little spark(Poundland)

Here's a reminder of how I make my pompoms using only fingers, two fingers for the a small one and three for a bigger one.
A single pompom will take approximately 5 minutes ;)

Multicoloured ones looking good too ;)

Here some of the first pompoms.
I made about 30 all together.
Just so you know it, I'm not that bothered about a messy look of my pompoms, I like them this way ;)

Next was to tread the pompoms on the long pieces of yarn using a large needle.
Hama beads were use for the end of the yarn to stop the last pompom from slipping down.

When I was done with nine pieces of pompom strings I hang the branch...

I stuck this type of hooks a while ago onto top of the shelf...

 to be able to hang and change my displays in many ways:)

To hang my branch I use strong fishing line.

Then goes the yarn strings with pompoms.

Looking nice when the sun comes through a window.

As I mention before I wanted "invisible" branch effect so the pompoms stand out on my black wall.
If the wall be white, the branch would be white too ;)

I love my piece of Autumn.
I hope you get inspired :)


  1. So quick and easy to do:) Plus, it looks great!

    1. I think so too Nena :)
      Thank you for taking time on my blog post, all the best!