Chinese New Year paper rosettes

The year of the Rooster is about to start on 28th of January.
If you're celebrating  here's a simple decoration idea to quickly change any wall, window etc.

HERE you can print out our patterned paper and little ornaments for FREE!
No printer, just use your own decorative paper instead ;)

To make paper rosette you will need:


                For the large rosette you will need 3 x A4 pages, for the small one only 1( cut in half).

                      Connect them with the stapler.

                       To hang rosette you will need to attach a piece of paper strip with a hole.

It looks well made at the first look but if you bend it you will notice it needs an extra support to hold it all together.
I use double sided tape for this step.

                    Then just glue on our printable ornament, attach the string and you're done!

                                       Here's the full step by step.

Love them!

                            I use some decorative paper too.

You can also attach some tassels and beads to make more decorative.

If you have kids why not to make a simple Chinese Spin Drums by upcycling a Camembert cheese box!

                     You will find full tutorial HERE.

                            Happy Chinese New Year!


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