This year I could come up with a new craft tutorial for Mother's Day.
I didn't. First of all, my dearest mom sadly is not around me for the last 12 years.
I'm not excited about the celebrating.
I am a mother myself but I don't feel great about creating something for myself...only for the sake of my blog :)
Instead I decide to help my child to create a little book to be fill out then gift it to me.
This way she could make something independently and surprise me.

My free printable doesn't require any color ink, it's a blank canvas for your colorful children.

To begin, click on links below images to print a cover image ( got a Polish one too for some of my friends living in Poland!)
and 10 frames.

You can also leave the printing and draw this easy frames yourself ;)

Here's mom spelled "mum" for a visitor request ;)



You will also need 3 blank greeting cards, preferable in contrasting color.
I got mine from Poundland.

Cut out all the graphics...

To make a book I make two holes for the thread to tie 3 cards together.

Then I stuck the graphics onto cards using double sided tape.

This is now a ready book to feel out and be an awesome gift from my kid.
Not a big effort :)

To make it more fun and colorful I added my ever favorite Sharpie pens and decorative bits to stick on.

The aim is to get your kid to write and draw the reasons why you're the best mom!
If they can't write yet then why not to ask daddy, nanny or other family member to help with it while they draw and talk about you ;)
All behind your back of course!

So I left the stuff with Ela and she stayed in her room for an hour to produce me a gift,
she was over the moon...

Then I was too :)

We had a laugh over few :)

Its suppose to Ela's hurt leg on the right picture :D

Its a truly wonderful gift I will treasure it forever :)