Autumn leaves sun catchers + free printable

Welcome in October!
We are staying in Fall mood for a bit longer.
I don't know about you but here in London the season is lovely at the moment.
Sunny and colourful :)

Today I would like to share with you easy and very enjoyable craft - Autumn leaves sun catchers...not made of tissue paper but the real fallen leaves :)
Here we go!

Step 1.
Go out and collect your leaves!

No Ela, we don't need that many ;)

Step 2.
Print out our leaf outlines!
No printer?Why not try to draw it yourself ;)

To print click here

Step 3.
Prepare your materials :
fallen leaves
Autumn leaves printable
tracing paper pages
PVA glue
black thick marker pen


I bought my tracing paper pad here.

Step 4.
Turn some good music on!
I wanted to introduce Ela to soothing music of legendary Nat King Cole so I put on his "Autumn leaves" and then we get on with a full playlist from Spotify:)
You Tube is annoying me with the commercials between every song, grrr :/

Step 5.

Attach tracing paper to printable with paper clips and start tracing shapes of the leaves.
Give your child a try, they will love it ;)

Step 6.
Turn the tracing paper page over and glue the leave shapes,tear your fallen leaves and stick them on.

We choose to make yellow,green and red leaf.
Don't worry if tracing paper get all creased, this will give a nice texture later on ;) 

Now glue generously that leaves again, take one more page of tracing paper and stick on.
Press it down.

It should look like this on the right side ;)

Step 7.
Cut leaves out.
Ela was dancing to the music while I help with cutting ;)

I then redo the edges of the leaves with marker pen.
Now put your leaves between the paper pages and then into some book, press with pile of other books for a few hours or a whole day...just like with a real fallen leaves ;)
You want them to be flat.

Step 8.
Find most sunny window and stick or hang your leaves to catch the sun rays :)

They look truly stunning  with visible real leaf pieces :)

Ela then use the printable as a colouring page ;)

                                                               Happy crafting!


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