Halloween cards

The time is running out and Halloween is around the corner...By now you also expect some craft from me, I know ;)
For today I choose something easy and quick, simple and stylish - Halloween cards.
They're made with £1 shop bought Halloween toys, something you have around every year right? I do :)
I use them for everything.
Card doesn't always mean you need to give it to someone.You can simply leave it on display as a decoration or frame it like a piece of art.
Lets begin!


Step 1.
Place your toys on the cards, arrange them ready to be spray painted.
Spray it :)

Play with the amount of paint.
Then remove the toys using tweezers.

You will use those painted toys again, not only for cards trust me ;)

Step 2.
Let it dry then use your marker to draw some details and words.

I couldn't help myself to use some letter stickers and gold metallic marker pen too ;)

Looking good on the wall...

Or as a display :)

Stay tuned for more Halloween inspiration to come!


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