International Evening

I decided to add one more section to my blog, so I could still connect with you when not making anything :)
We not always making or crafting you know, we going out or just living a little happy moments like any average family.
I simply love capturing them :)

Two weeks ago, along with the other kids and families Ela celebrated International Evening at school.
Kids were welcome to come dressed in their national costumes.
You should see those colours and different type of fabrics, so wonderful...Children from around the world looked amazing.
There was singing, dancing and food tasting.
I tried curries (I love curry!), Ela tried cakes :)

To make her feel special that day I borrowed few traditional Polish clothing pieces from our generous friends and added few accessories we had on hand.

If you enjoy culture and folklore costumes history I would like to get you in the mood by sharing  great article from - "Polish folk fashion.Pure joy!" :)

I love Polish folklore ornaments, here traditional beaded embroidery vest.

This piece is very hard to get those days, especially abroad.
Little purse and scarf behind I bought few years ago in Krakow.

I also painted a little flag on her chick.

I painted traditional folklore rooster when celebrated at the Nursery 1,5 year ago :)

Wow, you can tell she has grown up since then :)

I completed the look with headband using crepe paper flowers I made in the past.

At the nursery...

and this year at Year 1 :)

We had a nice time that day :)


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