Witch's / Wizard's broomstick (kids size)

Today's Halloween DIY is very easy, nature friendly and doesn't cost a penny.
Only needs some basic manual effort :)
This hand crafted broomstick is not only a great Witch costume accessory but also a nice addition to any Halloween  home display.
Have a look how I did it!

Fist of all I collect a bunch of fallen twigs on my way from shopping.
Various sizes, but I looked for the main thick one first.

After removing all the dry leaves I left with one thick 1 metre long stick and many little ones I gathered in a bunch.

I then gather all the twigs around the one end of the stick so the stick is in the middle.
It was time to wrap the whole thing tight with the string.

Now the ends of twigs needs trimming.

On the other side too.

Easy peasy, the basic broomstick is ready :) 

I wanted something more witchy so I wrapped some black tulle around and glued bat toy which I sprayed
gold once when used it for my Halloween cards ;)

We like the result very much, so much nicer then a shop bought products.
Ela was very happy to use it for a Halloween party when dressed as a little witch :)


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