Halloween lanterns

Last year we make colourful lanterns using glass jars and crepe paper.
The idea is well known , easy to make with kids and brings instant Halloween mood with a class :)
I photographed the lanterns we already had but also recreated one more to show you how to do it, step by step :)

Materials needed:

Step 1.
Draw the shapes - eyes, scary mouths etc.
Cut them out.

Step 2.
Cut your crepe( or tissue) paper and kitchen towels into random shape pieces.

Step 3.
Using a large paint brush glue a part of the jar and stick on pieces of paper.
Repeat until the jar is covered.
Cover the paper with glue again and stick on some paper one more time.

Then glue the second paper "skin" generously again...

Step 4.
Stick on a black shapes to make a scary face ;)

Then cover it with the glue.

Leave it all to dry...

After only a few hours the lanterns should be ready to be light up!
I recommend an ordinary tea light candles instead of the battery ones as they need a proper light so you can enjoy the colours ;) 

Looking good in the daylight...

And night :)



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