Me & my outline

Last year I came up with something quick and easy to occupied Ela on the rainy day.
She laid down on very large piece of paper and I drew her outline.

She then add details and coloured it.
We cut the outline out, just because she wanted to carry it around everywhere :)

Yesterday we recreated  this, with the small change of adding some stickers, paper scraps and other bits to have ever more fun ;)

Step 1.
Outline your child :)
Here we used 2 x A3 sheets of paper and tape it together to fit Ela's size.
You can use many A4 pages too ;)

Step 2.
Gather any craft accessories you have at home, including glue and scissors.

I added some mirror too so Ela could explore her face :)

Step 3.
Let your child do whatever they want with their outline using materials provided :)
Let the fun begin!

I suggest filling large spaces with a paper scraps, it's easier than colouring and gives some pretty effects ;)

And some sequins to add more texture.

There we have!
Our second Ela.
Well not quite but we're happy with it :)
I then cut the outline of the page.

Outline activity is great for girls and boys.
They don't have to look like themselves, but dressed as astronauts and robots using kitchen foil or be a funny hairy monsters using yarn, is up to them who they will like to be. 

At this moment Ela nr 2 is is checking on progress of our refurbishment in Ela's room.
Who knows, she might even integrate with the room design...
Stay tuned, few inspirations to come on the way I promise ;)

                                    Enjoy your crafts!


  1. Ale wy jesteście kreatywne - wspaniała zabawa :)

  2. Bardzo mi milo, dziekuje!
    W tej wlasnie chwili maluje Eli pokoj, tu tez jest co robic :)