Little flower brooches

Last weekend I had occasion to visit my friends I didn't see for a long time.
I knew I will also be meeting cute little girl name Alice for the first time, she has just turned 1 :)
After a busy week I had to think quick about the gift I could do it myself the day before.
I already had some nice angel wall ornament which I thought would be a nice symbol by Alice's cot, but then I wanted to complete it with something more ... in case they don't like the angel :)
Recently I worked with felt making some flower headbands and really enjoyed it.
Not many baby girls like headbands and some seems to always taking them off so I decided to make little brooches which can be attach to a clothing and just complete the look of the outfit ;)

They not hard to make so I prepared a easy to follow step by step tutorial for you in case you feel keen to create some for your child, yourself or as a gift ;)

To make a easy flower felt brooch you will need :

decorative button
sewing thread
brooch pin

Step 1.

Choose the colour of the felt you would like to use for the brooch and the button to go with it.

I bought my felt few times here and I'm happy with it ;)

I picked those two . Not too girlie , there is enough pink stuff on the market ;)
One dark and one light.
Cute wooden heart buttons I bought here.

Step 2.
Draw four circles on the felt.
I used a shot glass for my little flowers.
You can use a tumbler for the bigger size if making for an adult.

Four circles for each flower.

Step 3.
Start making the waves by cutting off the little pieces around the edges of the circles.
It doesn't have to be neat ;)

The buttons I choose for each flower .
I then matched the treads with colours of the buttons.

Step 4.

It's time to sew the circles together.
To make a first flower petal...

Fold it in half...

Then half again and start to sew it through.

Next is sewing another folded petal to the first one...

Then the same with a third one and fourth circle...

 To become a flower :)

Step 5.

Cut a tiny circle out of the felt.
This will go at the back of the flower, under the brooch pin .

Add the pin.

Step 6.
Sewing the button by going through with the needle under the circle so the thread doesn't show.

That's it!

Step 7.
Spray the brooch with neutral anti-wet shoe spray if you have one around, the felt will stay clean longer ;)

I did not have Ela around to pose for you with the brooches so I used her very large doll Hania to do the job ;)


Then I just made a card for the flowers using a large paper tag and attached it to the other wrapped gift ;)

I truly hope some of you will found it useful ;)
Happy making! 


  1. So lovely! Thank's for sharing! :)

    1. I'm very happy you like it and hope you will find it useful :)

  2. cute !! why do I have only baby boys ? don't mind, I will make it for me ! ;)

    1. Thank you!
      I am sure the bigger version will look good on you too ;)
      All the best and have a good weekend!

  3. I loved it. You make the craft so simple Magdalens

  4. Awesome and simple sewing Idea, these would look great pinned on a denim jacket too, especially for kids.

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