Play Kitchen

This post is about the project from 2011, when my daughter Ela was 1,5 years old :)
One of my biggest DIY's , some of you know this one very well...Play Kitchen .
The plan was to make one instead of buying and once again reusing household objects as much as possible.
The work took me about four weeks of evening making , secretly while Ela was sleeping ;)
There are many examples of great homemade play kitchens on internet , they always inspired me to do something myself . If you like challenges then why not try it too!
It's very rewarding , trust me :)

I hope you will enjoy this photographic retrospection , digging out the good oldies when Ela is away ;)

The most important - construction of the kitchen , nappy boxes in this case ;)

Some of the materials used , I added more on the way of making ;)

Oven part was first ...

Then more sections took the shape :)
The silver is a self adhesive sticker , the worktop is a foam board covered with it.
To add the bowl as a sink I cut a hole large enough to fit the bowl in and glued edges using glue gun.

You have to remember , for this kind of " hard duty "projects a glue gun it's a must ;)
I used many many glue stick on the way...

Then I added the whole foam board to the back of the kitchen , covered with some printed gift wrap and coloured CD boxes as a splash back ;)

The paper wrap founded in Paperchase shop reminds me of Polish folklore rooster , so pretty :)

I make a shelf using some Whiskey box :P
Then added picture frame as a window , two self adhesive hooks and a real taps and hose made of hand wash dispenser .
Microwave and oven get a real door handles too .
Two empty spaces are now completed with large pink plastic boxes to be filled with many dishes , play veggies etc.

Buttons of the microwave was made of baby jar caps :)

I also placed metal hooks on the side bought in Tiger shop to hold important kitchen utensils...

This is it!

Plastic cutlery holders from Ikea are attached with a strong thread to the nappy boxes , same as the hooks holder with utensils on the other side and the shelf at the top of the kitchen .

The kitchen timer is glued too, kids love it ;)

The lavender fields window view approved :)

Mending the timer of course .

Baby jar caps makes a clicking sounds!

Ela made liters of soup that day ;P
She is now 5 and still playing with it , including her friends visiting us.

May the imagination be with you!