Reuse packaging !

My 5 years old daughter Ela was visited by her friend one day.
During playing he discovered one of her toy boxes filled with all sort of packaging , toilet paper tubes, bottle cups etc.
"Why this is here? That should be in a rubbish bin ." - he said.

"No, that's my recycling stuff , you can make many toys out of this . Let me show you" -  Ela said and she make a robot toy :)

Just look at the detail of two coloured flames :)

My aim is to encourage you as a parent to introduce simple play using objects from you recycling bin to your child.
I believe many of you already do that , some maybe need a gentle push ;)

Reusing packaging triggers imagination better then some plastic shop toys and teach how to be sustainable and Earth friendly.

To complete the fun give your children sellotape , glue , scissors , colour pens , threads and some stickers to decorate their works ;)
Ela and I will try to prepare some upcycling crafts on the way for you, when she comes back from holidays ;)
For now I give you just a small sample of what she had done completely by herself and If you ask her, this is one of her favourite activity .
They might not be the prettiest but they 100% hers :)

Cute little friends wearing crowns made of piece of cardboard and toilet paper roll , then painted, coloured and decorated ...

Mouth full of strawberries or what :D

This one have movable arms and legs! I never get involved in that, I swear :)
So clever.

This is a sleeping bag ...When I said that monkey legs shouldn't stick out from it she replied
" this is a Special sleeping bag , it's a French one mommy " :)

Little couple made of toilet paper rolls ...

I noticed Ela prefers using sellotape rather then glue , lot of sellotape :)

This is also a finger puppet ... Rapunzel ?

So, I do hope you give some of your " rubbish " to your kids ;P

Happy crafting :)


  1. I am amazed that how can such a small kid have such good thoughts. You must praise her for doing reuse of packaging. As adults we sometimes fail to take care of such minute things but the fact is these things matter and should be taught to every family member.

    Holisol Logistics is also following reusable packaging under its go green initiative.