The right letter search / 3+

I came up with this learning activity a year ago when Ela was 4 , thinking about it now we could easily do it even before that but I did not had it in my mine yet.
Basically the child is matching the first letter of the word with the picked up object.
This is quick and very easy to prepare ;)
It seems this game is too easy for Ela , now 5 but she get excited about it when I ask for retrospection :)
Too make it a bit harder we thought of English words , not the Polish ones like in the past.
Obviously this can be played in any other languages ;)

To let your children play you will need : 
- 20 or more cards cut by you with written letters of your choice
- lot of small items found around your house (toys , everyday objects...)

Lay down your letter cards on the floor and put the objects into some spare box.

If your child is 3 or 4 years old then you can make it more exciting and encouraging by placing the objects in the box filled with mixture of dry rice, beans and lentils ;)


Make it more sensory for those little hands by hiding objects deep in rice , kids will love to dig in it!

This is how we did it year ago ;)

I then dyed part of the rice with some food colouring to make it prettier .
Have a look here < > if you would like to dye your rice too ;)

This time we left it behind as Ela wishes to play with bigger amount of objects , we simply wouldn't  fit them all in the rice ;)

Lets play!

She is picking the object from the box and looking for the right letter the word of the object starts from...

Ela loved it again :)

As you see here , cake starts from K ;)
We corrected this error later on...

Except learning values this activity also shows which of the first letters is the most popular , in English words in this case  :)

Letter B get crowded ...

Yes , this is baby Ela :)

Cake finely on the right place!

A few on letter T...

And U 2  :P

So , the objects in the box were finished ...

a few letters felt very empty.

This is where the real fun for 5 years old began , searching the house for objects starts from letters
O , W , Z and A!
Simple right?
Well , not quite ... it took Ela some time but she enjoyed the search so much :)

She found an Apple ...

A Window and

The Onion :)

Are we completed?

Letter...  :/

We thought  about word Zip , but piece of clothing were just too big for this game ;)
I also just notice Ela put the Knife on letter N ;)

Waiting for your ideas , or even better..
Please send us a photos of the objects you found around your house starts from letter Z!
In English and Polish too please ;)
You can do that by the comment space at the bottom of this post or on my Facebook page >

Ela and I would love you to get involved , have fun!