Immune booster drink

Are you feeling a bit run down , low of energy and cold is about to get you?
For the last three years me and my family drink something I prepare for Autumn - Spring season what keeps us going without flu , bad cold or medications.
We had a break since this Spring so it's about time to make it again.
It takes small effort but the amount of it last for a week and even our 6 years old Ela is drinking it despite the fresh ginger root and cayenne taste :)
We drinking this in a shot glass at any time or mixed with a glass of water every morning.
Ela does it from a table spoon or mixed with water too.

Totally worth making this every week during Winter season or once a month all year round.

The drink is anti - inflammatory , full of vitamin C to boost immune function , anti - viral.
Improves blood circulation and fight cancer.
And most important is natural !

Some friends keep asking me for a recipe, so there you have it...spoiled with step by step photos ;)
 Step 1.
Get your ingredients.

About 25 g of ginger , before peeling ;)

Step 2.

Get other kitchen stuff  :)

- blender filled with 1L of water
- 1L empty bottle
- jug
- sifter
- funnel

Step 3.

Wash , peel and cut your ginger piece.
Get your lemon into boiled water for a few minutes then wash it and cut into wedges.
Unless you are fussy about lemon peel then remove it.
Do not remove the pips, they're nutrition too ;)

Step 3.
Throw the lemon, ginger and all the spices into your blender.

And blend it :)

 I know, unnecessary photos but I love when the spices gently falls into water , so pretty ;P

Step 4.
Add honey and blend it again.

I'm adding one generous table spoon but you can add two and also leave cayenne pepper behind if your children moan about the taste ;)

Step 5 .

Sift it.

Save the pulp on the side...

You should be now looking at 1L of your booster drink and the pulp.

Don't you dare throwing this away!
Use it for any curry sauce, meat , fish or vegetarian casserole ;) You can freeze it for later too.

Step 6.

Move a drink to the empty bottle.

This will happen after while so shake it before every serving ;)
And keep it in the fridge!

Cheers ;)


  1. Najpiękniejsze w tym wszystkim są zdjęcia, a i przepis mam nadzieję kiedyś wykorzystam :)

    1. Dziekuje Weronika!Sesja zdjeciowa takiego postu to godzina a czasem nawet dluzej.No i to trzymanie ciezkiego dzbanka, wlewanie a w drugiej rece rownie ciezki aparat :D
      Super, ze docenilas a przepis naprawde warty.W Polsce miod tanszy ;)
      Pozdrawiam cieplo!

  2. Napój wygląda pysznie! Fajny przepis

    1. Dziekuje bardzo, zapewniam ze smakuje rownie dobrze a sklad robi swoje :)
      Pozdrawiam cieplo!x

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    1. Hi Lilly!
      Thank you so much for this kind comment, it's great for me as a new blogger to know people appriciating my work :)
      I'm giving a lot of energy and heart to what I do and love sharing it with others.
      All the bast and Happy Easter!

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