Mickey Mouse hand painted gift wrap

Last weekend we had a pleasure to attend cute 1st Birthday party.
Except drinking champagne and having a good time I've been a photographer for that day too, I truly loved it :)
But anyway, I found out week before the party will be Mickey Mouse themed.

I was never into a themed party but I planned to make a gift wrap for a while and decided to challenge myself to use the Mickey character in some unusual way.
Pretty, but simple and graphic ;)
Involving Ela in this project was again important to me.
She get to know a new to her Stencil technique and despite few difficulties during the process she was very excited and happy to help.
We also did easy stamping technique all children love ;)

For our project we used :

And plain wallpaper I founded at home, used to belong to previous owner.

I started with making a stencil by drawing the Mickey Mouse head outline in two sizes, using bottle cups for the small head and a glass along with the bigger cup for the big head...

Cutting out next.

 To get two stencils.

We then stick a long piece of wallpaper to the floor...
 and squeezed out the paint.

Stencilling time!
I cut the sponge to half.
It turned out this is still not easy for 5 year old.
So we switched over ;)
Just bare in mind this technique will make you dirty with time, I had to stop using camera in the middle of this process ;)

 Stamping with corks was much easier for the little hands and fun too.

 Ela requested a brake while I continued with a different pattern...

 She had come out with an idea of using a cut outs :)

The mouse is checking the quality...

White dots get lost on the cream wallpaper so I made them look like Mickey's buttons ;)

 After a few hours of drying I cut it to two pieces.

 Then comes to wrapping  the presents, Ela chosen a building blocks :)

Ta dam!


We think it looks pretty cool, don't you :)

We couldn't help it and made a card too, using stencil again ;)

Stencilling and stamping is a great way to repeating patterns!

Happy crafting!


  1. Fab project. Love the Mickeys and buttons mixed with dots. I really like Ela's little drawn Mickeys. I love making my own wrapping paper, too. And I've got a very similar Mickey Mouse character! (mine was made in Hong Kong - the vintage collector coming out in me ;-D)

    1. Thank you for the comment Leslie :)
      I tried to use what we already have at home again, very thick wallpaper gives a quality to it ;)
      Mickey Mouse is so iconic!
      The one we have is a new version, it comes with a popular Disney books including other figures.
      Vintage Mickey looks so different, isn't it :)

  2. super idea, good job, i wiil use it:)

  3. It turned out really beautiful and I'm sure this was so much fun to make too! I could really use your idea since I'm planning a minnie themed party for my daughter! Thanks for sharing, nice blog, new follower!
    Ntina @happygirlycrafty.blogspot.gr

    1. Thank so much for the comment Nina!
      Yes, it was a real joy to make that paper :)
      I am sure Minnie would looks great too with just changing colours and maybe add bows instead of buttons :)
      I am just checking your blog and have to say I might stay there for a few evenings, very nice!
      All the best!