Woodland Christmas cards + free printable

It's definitely time to make some Christmas cards!
Being in love with a Scandinavian design for a while now I wanted our this year cards be just that.
Minimal,but heart warming.
I included printable lettering for you here below, in case you prefer it more then your own writing ;)

Just click on the link, print and cut out for your cards.
*Remember to apply "fit to page" when printing ;)



I choose brown square cards from Poundland.
Some I kept it square...

and some I cut in half.

The idea for the woodland card came from an old cookie cutters I had it for years.

I followed the shapes using fine tip pen.

Then painted in white.

When the paint dried I drawn a new outline and hare's eye with a thicker tip pen.

I cut out desired fragments of the shapes - toadstool hat, hare's ear and tail.

Then glued them onto cards.

Using cotton stick we make dots on toadstool hat.

Next was little details using fine pen...

and forest foliage.

I also added red fruits so it looks more Christmassy...

and silver and gold touches on leaves using metallic pens.

When cut out lettering from the printable I decided to add burn effect to the edges of the paper.

And glued them on.

Next finished them with a little framing.

Ta da!

I'm very pleased with this cute simple cards :)

They also easy enough for your kiddos to join in ;)

Here's step by step in one for you, to make life easier ;)



  1. What a pleasure to discover your blog! Paper and art supplies are a little hard to get in our small northern town, so as soon as I get what I need I will be pulling out my cookie cutter collection... actually I have them out all ready imagining what cards I can make! Wishing you a joyous, creative, fun, filed 2017.


    1. Hi Susan, thank you!
      I hope the cards came up beautifully and you had a lovely Christmas :)
      Where exactly you come from?
      Have a very happy new year!