Teacher's apple last minute card

Welcome again!
I am sure you did notice in my first post photo , I have a daughter and her name is Ela :)
She just turned five and today is her last day of Reception.She might miss her teacher but the lazy mornings in bed even more ;)
So the kids get to know they teacher and assistants well during whole year , how not to say a proper goodbye or thank you.
We all do that, do we?
With some time you will notice we love crafts , all sort of crafts especially greeting cards for many occasions..and no occasion ;)
I usually keep many scraps , paper sheets , craft leftovers.
Last year we made some handmade gift wrap paper using apple halve , which I found now and is saving my life because it's a perfect use for our cards ;)
All you do is cut the apple in halves , take one of them and make an apple stamp  by dipping in the paint.
For this part check < http://www.wikihow.com/Craft-Apple-Stamps > for easy step by step tutorial.
Kids will love to do it!
You can use apple stamp in many ways -as a wall stencil for the great kitchen or nursery room pattern, on your shopping tote bag , children clothes , pillowcases etc. Just use different type of paints.

For our Teacher's apple card you will need:

blank greeting cards
fresh apple halve
acrylic paint
letter stickers (optional)
paper plate
pain brush
plain white paper sheets
black fine felt-tip pen
double sided padded tape

To begin you need to prepare white paper sheets filled with apple halve prints , using link above if you need some help.
Leave it to dry.
Our was obviously done year ago and it looks like this

As you can see our apples have a nice texture , we added less paint then in tutorial I provide you with.

Now get a black fine felt-tip pen and start to draw details on your apples - seeds ,stem and that funny little black hair coming from the bottom of an apple...how do you call it? :)

Then you cut them out , one apple for one greeting card.
We cut them to squares and stick to the centre of our blank greeting cards using double sided padded tape.
Yummy :)

Time for thank you note.
I found some old letter stickers in my craft drawers and decide to use it , something different then usual hand writing.
But if your hand writing is a special gift then don't bother about the stickers ;)

These are tiny so I use my safety knife to attached them neatly.

..And there you have it!
Quick and simple.

Ela did some personal drawings inside the cards too :)

Cards were given with a lovely plant flowers too, have a look here!

Happy holidays, keep crafting and stay tuned!


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