Alice in Wonderland wrapping paper DIY + FREE PRINTABLE

This year our not so little any more Ela turned 7!
For this occasion I usually make my own handmade gift wrap :)
I choose Alice in Wonderland.
I bought a tote bag in Pound store for Ela the other day which inspired my project.

She loved the movie and a story book too so it did seems to be the right choice.
I wanted something simple with use of only few colours.

I hand drew few characters and motives on my computer and made it to a FREE PRINTABLE which now you can use it too!

There's few tags and patterns you can print out on few standard A4 cards and connect for a bigger size.

Simply click the LINKS below images for printing.


white rabbit

tea time



For the biggest wrapping I made a simple chess board pattern using
- foam sheet
- wooden building block
- black acrylic paint

I simply glued a square piece of foam sheet on to a block to make a stamp.

Pattern is not ideal, but hey it's hand made :)

Some gifts I wrapped in brown paper...

and hand drew some vintage keys and a key hole on.

I also had some heart patterned paper since Christmas at home which matched the theme nicely.

I packed it all into Alice tote bag.

What kid doesn't like to unwrap the gifts? :)

     This could be a great match to Alice in Wonderland inspired Birthday tea party ;)

                     If you like the idea of
handmade wrapping paper then why don't you check our other fun to make ideas like :





                                          Happy wrapping!


  1. Woah these gift wrappers look pretty amazing. You some great artistic talent. The key one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you so much for this uplifting comment, all the best!

  2. This is so cute! We did something similar for our friend’s baby shower decorations recently. Jane got married last to last year in one of the best DC wedding venues and when she broke the new to us, we were all very excited. Of course I had to throw a badass baby shower for my little daughter.

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