Dining table renovation

This is our big project from the past but I thought it's worth to share it again to give some inspiration for the old furniture renovating .
We have moved into our new flat and having own garden for the first time in UK.
We wanted to eat outside as much as possible , hearing the birds and watching the sky when enjoying a cup of coffee and weekend breakfast together :)
Most of the ready made stuff from B&Q and alike is just boring and a nice-factor table we could not afford , so the story begins from buying the old , solid wood one of Ebay.
At that point we had no clue how much work and money this was going to cost us but being enthusiastic about it helped through the transformation process.

We are now hugely enjoying our old/new table for the last two years , during Spring , Summer and some part of Autumn , covering for Winter season.

Please have a look at the process and get inspired ;)

Here's the table , with legs already off for the transportation.

The top is partially covered with the old , flaking varnish that needs removing for a start.

Spatula in use and proofs to work.

Sanding begins with some Argos cheap machinery and 80g sandpaper , followed by finer 120g.

While sanding we discovered the table top and legs are significantly damaged by a big woodworm family so had to rush to the shops to get the killer and a wood filler.

Woodworm destroyed , holes filled-up and table re-sanded.
It was time to 
paint :)

Putting on the first coat of primer , followed by the second one and then two more layers of the exterior gloss paint.

Meanwhile we decided to make something else matching the table from the spare pieces of wood we already had... ;)

Old can of the primer found at our new flat saves the whole £10 of the project :)


The final result!
Nearly two weeks of work.

Table and bench combo - done :)

And the drawer!

Before & After

And this is how much we enjoying it...kids loves the drawer most, is always full of treasures ;)

Thanks for watching :)