"Thank you" flowers


You didn't think we just gave the cards to the teachers , did you :)
Education system is one but a teacher is another.
Is a tough job and if kids are happy then teachers need some appreciation , in my opinion.

So we gave some planted flowers and cute gingerbread hearts along with our apple cards < teachers-apple-last-minute-card > ;)

Have a look how it goes , while Ela was at school...

Step 1.

Buy the flowers!
Mine arrived with me from the local florist.

Step 2.
Get rid of any ugly packaging , have nothing to do with it!


Step 3.
Get some new pretty packaging by gathering few things.
I used some cellophane bags , brown paper, ribbon and...
some tasty large gingerbread hearts from the local Polish deli :)



Step 4.
Get your hands on wrapping !
I use my large celo bags instead of celo wrap which I did not have , so I rip them up on the edges with result of long pieces of cellophane ;)
I used two bags for every plant along with two squares of brown paper.

I inserted the plant into a plant pot when need it to tie a ribbon around it , is damn tricky with all that wrapping ;)

Step 5.
Pack up the hearts to a small celo bags and attach it to a plants , somehow somewhere...
I realize I actually have some wooden laundry pins when started to thinking that :)
Fortunately the leaves of this succulent plants looks strong enough to carry the little pain.



Now this is how you can carry the big bunch of flowers  ;)
That day not many parents give a heck about giving anything...
The happy faces of assistants when Ela hand out the flowers were priceless :)

Any flower plant look so much better with the right wrapping.
Wrap it for Birthdays and other occasions for more sophisticated look instead of spending more money on the right plant pot ;)

Have a great weekend!

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