Stained glass effect sun catchers + printable

The Easter might be over but the Spring has just begun and we will continue to celebrate the season :)

I have always admire sun catchers, there is something special about the light going through the colourful hand crafted pieces.
We have done some in the past, this time I had something else in my mind...
Stained glass effect and mess free ;)For this we use Sharpie felt tip pens.
Any permanent pens are great for this project, but these comes in so many colors!
We absolutely love them, you can get a nice deal here ;)
For the window we use a tracing paper, like this one

I made a simple printable for you to make things easier!

Just click the link below, or draw shapes yourself instead.
Spring sun catchers

Now lets have a look how we did it!

Step 1.

Cut out the shapes out of printable and then tracing paper too.

I wanted our catchers to be double sided, your choice ;)

Step 2.
Glue tracing paper to one of the shapes and start to draw your patterns.
Use the black pen first then colour it in.

Step 3.

Glue on the other shape so they both black(optional).

I am not worry about the white edges too much as they will not be seen when placed in the window ;)

After  my prototype was done I get Ela to have some fun and make few catchers too :)

I only decide to make black patterns sharper so I redo them on the other side of tracing paper.

And more :)

When finish you can stuck them into plants in the window using bamboo skewers.

Or simply tape them onto window.

We have tutorial for that
wind chime at the back here if you like to make one too ;)

Yep, British grey sky before the storm looks so much better now :P

Then Ela decide to stick the

butterfly's wings off the window and they looks even nicer :)

Bare in mind, the colors will eventually fade after a period of time which is totally normal when exposed to direct sunlight.

Make yours, have fun!