Free Spring printable pack

Today I am sharing colourful fun FREEBIE!
If you're a printer owner or your friend is...or the office your work for
have one :P than this is a delightful treat waiting right here for you!

I made a HAPPY EASTER bunting you can hang anywhere to bring the season in or greet your guests with for the Easter party.
Great for indoor and in the garden or park, just punch out some holes and hang it on a long piece of twine or ribbon.

They're round images to be use as
a gift tags or a decor.

Click the links below to print them out!

- bunting & tags 1 
- bunting & tags 2
- bunting & tags 3
- bunting & tags 4

KEEP CALM print might be placed in the picture frame, click the link to print that too!


The round images can be use as a simple cake toppers ;)
Here I cut off the black edge to make them a bit smaller.

If that party of yours including the EGG HUNT  for the youngsters too than why not to print out some arrows to make it more fun while looking for the precious surprises!

Use bamboo skewers and sticky tape to stuck them into the ground.

Print arrow signs out here

Simple idea of using little recycling garden pots as a treat baskets, just add craft cleaning pipes!

And here a cute finish of today's post - treat matchbox wrappers!
Some of you might still remember my Matchbox love wrappers, this is the same way these been wrapped around match boxes.
So sweet, I have to say :)

Tulip wrap might be also use to wrap small gifts like a bar of chocolate.
Click below to print it!

- tulips wrap
- matchbox wrappers

I hope you will find them fun and useful this Easter :)

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  1. Hi Marisa, thank you for the comment sure I will follow :)
    Happy Easter!