5 Easter card ideas

Easter is getting closer fast so it's time to get creative again!
If you're a parent then you can tell how much kids love this time of year.
We are awaking from the Winter season, looking for warm sunny colours in nature and craft drawers :)
It is also the time to send some greeting cards and if you  love to make them yourself as much as we do than showing you few ideas, from the past and recent .
All of them can be done involving children ;)

So lets have a look at
                          5 easy Easter card ideas!

1.  Potato stamp card 
Well known easy technique ;)

The result is very modern thanks to the black paint as a base, I really love this simplicity :)It can be done in many  ways.

Hutching chick card

Materials :

This one comes in two stages.
Stage 1 - card 
Stage 2 - chick making

I cut the card in zigzag to imitate an egg crack.

I wanted a speckled egg looking card so Ela get on with sprinkle them with brown paint mix using an old toothbrush.
She the choose another colour and added some more spots so we ended with 4 different speckled cards.
This idea is absolutely perfect for toddlers too, they will love that messy part ;)

I wanted the crack to be more visible so I drew on the crack edges on the inside and outside of the card using black felt pen.

Ela then made a chicks :)

She then add lettering.

Wielkanoc(Polish) - Easter

Finger print tulips meadow card

Your kids will love dip they fingers in paint for this one :)
Get acrylic paint in colours of your choice and make several dots using finger tips.
Wait for it to dry, then using black felt tip pen draw tulips.

You can leave the space for some "Happy Easter" lettering on top or bottom of your card.

4. Finger print bunnies card

Almost the same as with tulips.

Using finger tips make two small dots for bunnies heads and two big for their bodies.
Leave it to dry and use your imagination to draw them...or let your child to do it if you not that confident about it ;)

5. Chick in the meadow card

For this card we did the same chicks made of cotton pads as before and leftover paint for finger prints.

The same as with tulips we did paint spots first using our finger tips.
Leave it to dry and draw the flowers the glue on your chicks :)

 We hope this will inspire you to make some cards yourself while having fun ;)