8 Egg decorating ideas

The most important of Easter craft of all - eggs decorating!
How not to love this, ones a year we can all be artist thanks to an egg :)

Hundreds of ideas over the internet, today I give you 8 done by us.
Some needs a patient hands and some just a pinch of love.
There is few to make with your kids and few to make by cup of coffee with your best friend ;)

We usually use foam eggs which I found very versatile plus they will never brake :)
Blown out eggs are more delicate option but adding extra fun for kids when blowing an egg out.
We then make a scramble eggs of course, nothing gets wasted!
If you never tried that have a look at the instruction here.

Lets check them out!

1. Felt and fabric cut offs

- egg (blown out or foam)- felt and fabric cut offs
- PVA glue

Almost like a puzzle/mosaic pieces Ela was able to do it by herself at the age of 4 proving this technique is very easy ;)

2. Magazine scraps

- egg (foam or blown out)
- magazine/newspaper scraps
- PVA glue
- clear nail polish (optional)
Very easy one.
Choose the pages of the magazine you like and tear it to little pieces.
Try to add some key words for extra interest.
Using lots of glue stick them on egg by overlapping slightly.
Smooth the surface with your fingers.
Let it dry then paint it over with clear nail polish to add a nice gloss finish if you wish :)

3. Drawing pins

- foam egg
- drawing pins

Easier the it looks this technique is the one you can chat to your friend and drink coffee at the same time :)
Starting from the top of an egg push the pins by overlapping them.
I did that before when making acorn ornaments, but then starting from the middle.
You can leave them shiny as they are, I treat some of them with some white acrylic paint using dry brush.

They have that "dragon's egg" look :)

4. Glitter

- egg (boiled or blown out)
- glitter
- PVA glue

Dye your eggs any way you want first or leave it white if you use a duck egg.
Here I use such an blown out egg but dyed with boiled red cabbage leaves and vinegar mixture.
Yes, they will come out blue :)

Next draw a simple patterns using PVA glue and thin paint brush on one side of an egg.
Sprinkle with glitter, blow off an excess and leave it to dry before do the same on the other side.
Easy peasy!

5. Cotton thread & pins

- foam egg
- large headed pins
- cotton thread

I painted my foam egg black to add an extra contrast with the thread ;)

Start with pushing pins in few random places then have fun with the threads.

6. Wrapping paper & tissue scraps

- egg (foam or blown out)

- wrapping paper of tissue scraps
- PVA glue

Same as with magazine scraps stick them to the egg surface using lots of PVA glue and smoothing with your fingers.

No, matching plaster and nail polish wasn't intentional :D

7. Speckled with paint

- egg (foam or blown out)
- acrylic paints (pastel colours + dark brown)

I first painted my foam eggs with acrylic paint, I made some pastel shades using lots of white colour.

After they get dry we sprinkle it with brown paint on one side using a tooth brush, just the same when we make our hatching egg cards ;)
After drying other side gets the treatment too.

This one was so much fun, I love the result!

8. Sharpie patterns

- egg ( boiled or blown out egg)
- Sharpie pens

Here I draw on white blown out duck eggs using my ever favourite Sharpie permanent pens, the black one is a foam egg painted black with patterns using metallic Sharpie pens.
This is clean and easy way to decorate your eggs, kids can join in too ;)

We hope to inspire you to try some of them this Easter!


  1. You are amazing woman!! I love your egg ideas!

    1. Thank you, I always appreciate your comments :)
      What kind of eggs are you making this year, any favourites?

  2. I like the eggs speckled with paint. They look very natural.